Exposure by Kelly Moran

Friends to lovers…well perhaps but they don’t make it an easy journey.

Noah and Raven are the very best of friends but both have demons that are holding them firmly entrenched in the friend zone, Noah believed that things from his past were a danger to Raven and as such he was content – and I say that grudgingly because everything about the situation rubbed him up the wrong way especially having to keep the woman he has longed to have in his arms at arm’s length!

Raven, well she is a slightly more complicated case that you will enjoy unravelling.

When Noah finally feels confident that the threat to Raven has subsided he is ready to come clean so to speak, not only about how he feels but more importantly about who he is.

I thought that the characters were engaging but it took me a little longer to find my feet with Raven, she was more complicated. I had Noah pegged fairly early on but I really felt his pain, the internal struggle that he was dealing with and the mental war that he waged with himself.

Raven was besotted with the illusive photographer that had expressed an interest in holding an exhibition at her gallery…would she be quite so keen when the truth unfolds?

While there were aspects of this book that easily fell into place, there were other events that were a tad more complicated and not as easy to get a handle on. I enjoyed the fact that the author was able to weave a strong element of mystery and in some respects danger into the story but ultimately this was a romance at its heart and soul, a spice one in places but one that will soothe your soul.

Topic: Exposure by Kelly Moran

Date: 19/01/2016

By: Kelly Moran

Subject: Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed Exposure! xo

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