Eraser Crimson by Megan Keith


This series has been getting better with each book and that, for me is remarkable – because I was slack jawed at the end of the first one -  it was that good.

But as we have slinked from Blue to Lilac and now Crimson, this is quickly becoming one of my all-time favourite series.

This book picks straight back up from the end of the previous book,  I was keen to see how on earth Megan expected to top the cliff-hanger she had left us with I was anxious about my expectations but should I have been – of course not – because  she did not disappoint!

Sir was laid bare for us a little more (Oh, now that is a thought I need to take a moment to ponder on! – WOW!)  in this book. We get to find out more about him than we have garnered in the last three instalments and if I am honest it is about time, he has been so mysteriously elusive that at times his subtifuge  could  be distracting.

I have to say though that it was  fabulous to finally hear from the man himself and once he started to tell his story he was honest with his tale. Much of what he had to say I had not anticipated but I loved the fact that we were treated to his blunt honesty and a few surprises along the way.

Mackenzie is as central to this book as she has been pivotal in the previous three but it is Sir that takes up his rightful place – at the helm of this story.

The sex between the pair of them is as fundamental as it has always been and they don’t disappoint – they are so in sync with each other that this is now much more than an arrangements, love has made it into the mix.

Can this pair go all the way and have the ending that I have my fingers crossed for – we have seen Sir at his best and also at his worst but can we see him finally content with a woman that adores him.

We know him as Sir and in this we get to know much more – but he has always been Sir – so let’s just stick to that for now.

Of all the books, I still love the first book but this runs that selection a very close second because it allows us the chance to see Sir in all his glory for a change.

I adore the dynamic between Mackenzie and Sir – the growth and development of their characters is just superb. I had expectations for them and at every step of the way they have been exceeded by this series and by Megan Keith’s writing.

I look forward to another tale from the Eraser series in due course – although I am keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t have to await to long.