Up in Smoke

by Tess Bailey


Ok, so when you get a whole lot of loving heaped on you in an instant you can either take it for what it is and go with the flow or you can rebel – I have chosen to go with the flow because Tessa Bailey is probably one of the few authors that I am willing to afford that luxury too.

When I read one of her books, I know hands down that I am going to get an alpha man that will do what he wants at his own pace and I am happy to go with that flow!

Because not only are her men alpha to the core, her women are no slouches either!

So Up in Smoke, what did I get this time, well everything that I have come to love and expect from Ms Bailey and for that I have nothing but thanks. I can completely forget the world around me while I am immersed in her stories and surely that is the reason why we all read – to escape from the real world.

Erin and Connor were both characters who were carrying baggage that would if allowed weigh down their relationship but did it?

Erin was a strong woman, she was so funny but she had lived through a hardship that she was still trying to come to terms with in some respects.

But I loved Connor, he didn’t pull his punches, he refused point blank to give one single inch, he was confident enough that when Erin needed time to herself he could see it for what it was and take a step to the side but he made sure that she knew that he wouldn’t settle for her being anywhere other than beside him and that whatever she or they had to face, he made sure that she knew in no uncertain terms they would face whatever was thrown at them and they would do it together!

I liked the book, whilst it may not have been my very favourite of the books that I have read by this author, it certainly fulfilled the brief, another hit to the repertoire 


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