by E. L. Tenenbaum

An insightful and sensitive look at loss, love and letting go.

Tyler and Brooke are not your typical main characters in many ways but as easy as that is to say, on the flipside they are more ordinary than you might think, well apart from the fact that they are both telling their story from a completely unique perspective.

I cottoned on early as to why they had been brought together but that didn’t mean that the tears didn’t fall for the two of them when Brooke finally pieced it all together and their time came to an end.

“You don’t have to die to be dead on the inside” is a quote that will live with me for a long time, it resonates, it pleads for hope and issues its own special level of admonishment.

This was a story about seeing things for what they are, about opening your eyes and taking in the world around you, about feeling and embracing your place not only in the world but also in the lives of those around you.

Of understanding your impact and knowing that when you are physically not around, it doesn’t mean that you are not around, we all have a legacy and it is the way we live our lives that determine what that is. No matter how short, both Brooke and Tyler had made their mark, not only on those around them but also on each other and with their lives and deaths intertwined, this was a pair that shared a connection that was divine in every sense of the word.

Emotionally this was a solid read, it gave a grounding in life and grief in all its guises but it did so with a charm that was subtle yet packed a punch.

A break from the norm, thoroughly enchanting

Topic: Silhouettes by E. L. Tenenbaum

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