Unexpected Love Story

by Natasha Madison

I will say first and foremost that I loved the first book in the series so was especially happy to get my hands on this book two. Everything I read about Gabe and Crystal in book one had certainly piqued my interest, so finally getting to grips with what made them tick was a real buzz.

But did it live up to expectations?

Well …Oh Boy Did It!

This had everything I wanted to know about them both, but especially Gabe. In fact, it gave me an insight into the man that totally changed the opinion that I had about him from the first book. Whilst I can’t say I didn’t like him previously because that wasn’t the case but what I can say that I totally love him now, this book gave him the opportunity to show who he really was and that only added to my enjoyment, I had to accept that I had judged in too early and open my mind to the man that was unfolding before me.

I can’t believe for one minute that two people with the incendiary chemistry that this pair had would have managed to stay apart forever. They may have met unexpectedly but fate would have always brought them together eventually because theirs was a connection that even I felt bone deep. I loved that Gabe was totally invested in a relationship but getting that to fruition was far from easy.

The authors writing ensured that the characters had the opportunity to give me a look at every aspect of their lives, an almost warts and all exposé that made sure that I could understand just how much what they were going through meant to them. I loved the humour that the story was peppered with, the banter between the two of them sparked off the page and the way Crystal could bring this gloriously alpha male to his very knees was fantastic, she had him exactly where she wanted him and he knew it.

With an epilogue that was totally epic in every way, this was a story that didn’t dip, from start to finish it flexed its muscles and made darn sure that I stayed glued not only to the page but also in my chair.

A quick read that I devoured in just one sitting, this was every bit as fantastic as the first book but for totally different reasons, congratulations Ms Madison…great work!


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