Thrust Under

by Michelle A. Valentine and Emily Snow

A super quick, and fantastically flirty read that will leave a smile on your face and a spring in your step.
The character development was fabulous and both Maggie and Gabe brought so much to the story that I couldn’t help but feel completely connected, although from the get-go when they should have been connected they seemed to be anything but.
A fleeting moment, a misunderstanding and everything that could have been fell by the wayside, a passion that had initially seemed set to burn so bright, threatened by little more than a moments distraction.
Maggie had an issue with Gabe, well she didn’t have at first glance but once she realised who he was she did but the burning question then was...was it too late?
Had she already fallen if not in love at least in lust with the delicious Gabe? Well finding out was going to be fun!
There was a lot of toing and froing between the two of them and I think the story benefitted from that dynamic, they could have all too easy resolved their differences and lived happy ever after as we all love so much but the author made them work for a happy ending and that meant that I as the reader had to travel that journey with them and by doing so I had to work for it with them.
I especially liked Gabe, he was a top man!

Topic: Thrust Under by Michelle A. Valentine and Emily Snow

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