by Ella James

An opportunely divine read that was one that any genuine reader will certainly covet from start to finish…and I do mean start, after all, have you clapped eyes on that cover, my chin hit the floor…Wow!!!
I thought the story was just what I wanted, it wasn’t totally angst riddled but it wasn’t all plain sailing either, it had just enough attitude, it had a few twists and turns and I beg you to try and keep your cool because there were occasions when I was ready to bash my head off the wall totally frustrated with the events that were unfolding on my screen, it was more than I was able to stand.
 To the world, Declan was “the man” or so it would appear but there was more to the guy than most were aware of …but Declan met his match when he met Finley because she as much as she took an instant dislike to him, he couldn’t help but be drawn to her. There was something about her that spoke to him, that made him think and feel differently but would the secret she hid so well, be the thing that would tear them apart?
I loved the depth of this story, I thought the story was beautiful, it was so steeped in love that when the twists arrived, I couldn’t help but gasp aloud. The pace and pattern of the story was so engaging that I could barely find time to breath let alone put the but down, I defy to you find time for anything but turning the page!!!

Topic: Covet by Ella James

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