Mr Mysterious by JA Huss

Just when I thought I was beginning to come to terms with the depth of this authors awesomeness, I stand corrected because this is quite simply beyond my comprehension. I have read each of the Mister books with a refreshed desire to get to the bottom of what is going on and each time, there are more and more clues unveiled and I am further and further from where I need to be, I sit bewildered and confused in the corner like some sort of mute, struck dumb at what I have read and the fact that I am still not quite sure what the heck is going on and how on earth Ms Huss is ever going to tie all this up in just one more book.

So now we have Pax and Cindy’s story and knowing that Cindy is in fact Cinderella Shrike...yep you heard right, that not so light and fluffy dynasty are well and truly in the mix now and not just with Oliver!

Cindy has been fascinated with Pax for years and there is nothing that she doesn’t know about him and his life but that doesn’t mean that getting to him is easy, she has had to work her socks off to achieve her goal, her brothers friend and fellow Mister. While each of the Misters in their own way have been endearing and I have loved them all, I think Pax is actually my favourite so far, he was a good guy and in need of someone like Cindy because without her making the first move I don’t know that he would have found a happy ever after and with her I think he just might have that chance.

Cindy well, there is a girl that lets nothing stand in her was, she was a strong woman with a determination that paid no respect to her years, I liked the fact that she stood alone from her family, wanting to make her own mark and she certainly did so, Pax was putty in her hands from the minute she made her more and I didn’t for one second believe there was anyone else in command of their relationship other than her. Pax was willingly along for the ride.

In the style that I have come to expect from this author, there was not a single word out of place, no stone left unturned and not a clue left without careful consideration, but does it all add up? Well I have more questions now that I did when I started so I would have to say yes, because if the author was planning on whipping the series to a crescendo then in my book, she hit the nail on the head.

With Mr Match yet to come, all bets are off on how that little beauty is going to play out, all I know is that I can’t wait.

Ps: I would love to know what the plan is for Five?????

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