Deleted: Jackson and Maggie

by Tess Thompson

I was keen to get stuck into this story, the first book was a huge draw for me and I was eager to catch up with not just the Dogs but also to see what the author had in store for Jackson and Maggie.
Jackson and Maggie had a past that for over a decade has left Jackson with a piece of his heart missing, the loss he felt when Maggie left for New York left him almost incapable of being able to move on from how he felt about her, she was the benchmark for those that were to follow and unfortunately until now he has less than willing to accept that there would ever be anyone able to fill the whole her shoes so to speak but he is finally happy when his world is turned upside down and he is faced with a decision that I wouldn’t envy for a second.

Maggie didn’t want to leave when she did and has regretted the fact that she left so easily after graduation but that doesn’t mean that she was happy to be back, in her mind she was easily forgotten by those she left behind…really, woman, you have no idea!

Back in town, at her fathers' request, Maggie has a lot to learn about exactly what has been happening in Cliffside Bay since the day he departed and not all of it was easy to hear. I mean it isn’t every day that you learn that your friends and the love of your life are told you are dead!
But that isn’t all she has to deal with…first on the agenda must be the fact that the guy that she should have never given up on is engaged to be married to someone else!!!
Jackson, on the other hand, doesn’t have that luxury, he may be thrilled that Maggie is indeed alive, but he has a fiancée that he must concentrate on and a future to build…the question was who would finally get to have that future with him…his fiancée or Maggie

This was a twist a minute story that added so much to the series that I can’t wait to get my hands on book three.

Superb writing, I love that this isn’t all about the couples in the title, all the guys are prominent throughout the story, I love that sense of community and heartfelt friendship.

Topic: Deleted: Jackson and Maggie by Tess Thompson

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