by Laramie Briscoe


I have one word for this book and that is Excellent!

This is a story of shows just what it takes to realise not only what you want but what you need.

I loved the fact that Sketch was a man that knew his own mind, he was strong in mind, body and soul and he didn’t hold back, he laid his thoughts out for all to see and didn’t care who the hell had an opinion or what they thought because he was not to be swayed!

This sexy as sin man had everything it would have taken to be a complete m*****ore but he could not be defined by that alone because he had more under his colourfully decorated skin, than most. He had a heart that oozed with both love and compassion and a desire to succeed.

Nina on the other hand, well let’s just say that I initially wasn’t much of fan.

My opinion changed in as much as I understood that no one person is ever responsible for the lack of communication in a relationship, they both had to accept responsibility for the fact that they had allowed their relationship to get to that point.

But what would or could they do about it?

I liked the empathy that the author was able to draw from me as the story progressed, the fact that she encouraged me to imagine the emotiveness of the whole situation, the creativity that she employed as the two of the worked to try and save or should I say salvage what they had and to decipher a future.

I smiled from start to finish, chuckling at the humour and smiling at the sarcasm, blushing when their feelings began to take hold and fanning myself when they let the flames of passion loose.

Over all this is one that you really should not miss.

Topic: Sketch by Laramie Briscoe

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