Listen to Your Heart

by Sydney Logan

There was something so evocative with this book that in my opinion made it difficult not to adore. There was a softness to its edges and there were definitely edges to be found. It wasn’t all sweetness and light, it had its fair share of angst and attitude and both the story and the characters were greatly enhanced by the fact that the author allowed the book to bare its teeth when necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, this was a romance story and while it didn’t pretend to be anything else, it also never hid the fact that it has a little more hidden between the covers either.

Yes, it had a twist that was a little left field in some respects but I did admire the fact that Skye was true to her guns and when she discovered the truth about Caleb, she cut all ties and gave the project that she had been pouring her heart and soul into over to someone else, I really felt for her. I mean, she was at a place where she just might be comfortable, heading towards happy even when the world ripped the rug from beneath her.

There wasn’t a lot not to like about Skye or Caleb for that matter, it was the circumstance that gathered my irk!

Skye worked hard, her business took up most of her time and what wasn’t being occupied by helping brides to plan the most special of days, was consumed by helping her brother care for his son Eli.

So you see she really was a great girl that absolutely deserved a good man…but was Caleb that guy?

Guitar teacher Caleb’s love of 80’s music spoke to Skye’s soul, it made her happy that she had a kindred spirit but by the time the truth of his situation is revealed, I wasn’t sure that I was going to cope with either  the damage his situation was inflicting on her or when the time came, why he had done it. I knew there had to be a bigger picture behind the pain and when it was unveiled my heart was almost happy clapping out of my chest.

Oh and by the way…he’s a resilient S.O.B!!! he doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word No, and will stop at nothing to get Skye to listen to not only what he has to say but what her heart is telling her too.

As far as romantic romps are concerned this does exactly what you would expect…loved it!

Topic: Listen to Your Heart by Sydney Logan

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