Melt With You

by J.H. Croix

A new to me author that I am pleased to say totally won me over, this was everything I wanted in a romance.

Max Channing doesn’t do relationships, we’ll up until he claps eyes on Harlow that statement might have been true but one look and this relation phobe is seriously reconsidering his usual MO, because he definitely fancies getting to Harlow a lot better!

Max is helping ferry guests to the lodge for his friend’s wedding when he first sees Harlow, she may have been the last to turn up but she was certainly the one that grabbed his attention the most and the feeling was most definitely reciprocated because it didn’t take her long to appreciate his good looks either but she was more than happy to admire for a distance, but is what she wants and what she gets going to be the same thing?

Well, I what do you think?  Yep…thought so!

Anyway, the story whips forward a year and the two of them are back in the same vicinity and fate is definitely playing fast and loose with the pair of them and this time, she is calling the shots because this pair might have slipped through each other’s fingers last time…that won’t be happening again?

All the memories of the first time they met each other come rushing back and for once they don’t spend an age fighting the inevitable. Woohoo!!

I absolutely loved Harlow, she was a feisty woman who as a firefighter was used to being in the company of strong dominant men, and with Max that is exactly what she has, a man that has been hurt before and is fighting himself in the hope that he can keep his broken heart from being battered again.

Can they heal each other, can he show her the love she missed growing up and what being loved is really like?

Can she show him that not everyone is out to break his heart and that if he lets her in, she will be the one he has waited for?

I loved the story, the connection between the two of them and the fact that this was about overcoming your past in order to get your future. They could easily have allowed the negatives they had experienced in their lives to dictate their futures, but the author gave them the chance to work through it all together, if ever there were two souls that belonged together it as this pair and I was so pleased when they got their happy ever after.


Topic: Melt With You by J.H. Croix

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