Whistlin' Dixie

by Maggie Adams


Eldest of the Coulson brothers, Mac along with the rest of his family and town are doing all they can to rebuild what the ravages of nature destroyed, a flood tore through their homes and it is a huge effort to get the town back on its feet but it seems as if one area of town is not going according to plan.

Just when Mac thinks he may have discovered who is responsible for the attacks of vandalism that are blighting the project, he is faced with another problem, his young hoodlum’s, older sister!

Dixie is miffed that her brother is caught up with a group that Mac is convinced are responsible for the damage but she isn’t about to let him get blamed for something she knows he didn’t do. But Mac isn’t listening and she isn’t about to stand quietly by, so between the two of them something is going to have to give.

This pocket rocket of a woman isn’t backwards at coming forward and doesn’t suffer fools, she isn’t going to allow Mac to stand in her way, if he won’t listen to what she has to say, she will just prove how wrong he is. She was a real powerhouse, for a mere 5ft tall, she stood head and shoulders amongst those around her and Mac wasn’t slow to notice her passion…was she that passionate in everything?

Discovering who was responsible for the vandalism becomes her driving force but while they were both facing that particular quandary, they also faced the fact that there was something unexpected piquing between the two of them. But getting to a point where they could accept and embrace those feelings they had wasn’t going to be smooth sailing, there are misunderstandings, incidents and accusations abound but at the end of it all, would there be a happy ever after?

Well for Mac I hoped so!