Man Up Party Boy by Danielle Sibarium

Just when you think you have your vacation all sorted, a break away with your best mate that afore mentioned BFF goes and pulls the plug on the whole debarkle – and has the nerve to send his sister as a substitute.

What is a guy to do when he has to spend a week at the beach with his mate’s little sister – such joy!

Boy Oh Boy, Noah was not a happy camper when Cooper bailed on their lad’s week, but what really got his goat was the fact that he palmed him off with his sister Alexis for the week.

Well little did he know that Alexis wasn’t exactly thrilled either, Noah wasn’t exactly high on her list of favourite people, so this had all the hallmarks of turning out to be the week from hell for them both… or is it?

I got why Alexis didn’t like Noah, really I did but he didn’t. So what was the point at being mad with him for something he said years earlier?

Now, although the initial connection is less than a stellar, over the course of time they begin to understand that they have a definite connection, one that they can run from all they like but one which they can’t hide from but unfortunately they also have issues that they have yet to overcome.

Lies have consumed Alexis’s life everyone including her father seems to be unable to tell her the simple truth and that fact has and continues to impact her life.

It isn’t difficult to understand why her dad did what he did, he had children to protect but that doesn’t lessen the blow to those involved.

Whilst the story has a few twists and turns, it has a whole heap of mistrust and that stood the tale in good stead.

I am certain that there is load more to come and that in the next book we will get to find out a little more about Cooper but for the first book in the series, it set the tone and drew me in.

I’m looking forward to the next instalment.