by Colet Abedi


3.75 stars
I’m not sure that I ever truly got what I thought I was going to get with this book, now maybe that is my own fault for thinking I knew where the story was heading because clearly, I was mistaken but I picked up on a number of insinuations in the book, that pointed me in a direction that when it didn’t materialise left me feeling a little confused.
Whilst the story trod a well-worn path, one that followed a shy, naive woman as she embarked on a relationship with her boss, a man that certainly knows what he wants from a woman and is more than willing to mold and shape her into everything he desires. Ringing any bells yet?
Please don’t think that I am knocking the book, I am just indicating that for me, I wanted a bit more.
I thought the author created drama creatively, she used her words beautifully to bring what was going on between them to life, I just would have liked a little more oomph!
The dialogue and verbal connection between the Michael and Abigail were some of my favourite bits of the book, I thought the author caught the edge of their connection with a realism that she allowed to shine through. I would have liked to have heard a little more from Michael though, I perceived him to be the driving force in the book and yet I felt that for much of it his voice was missing.
Overall for me, when I finished the book, I felt as if I was missing a chapter or two. Good or bad I thought it had more to give and whilst what I read was good, I think it had promise and that could have made it great.

Topic: Tame by Colet Abedi

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