Healed by Love by Ami LeCoeur & Elle Dawson

Tears, what is it with books reducing me to a blubbering mess!

I haven’t read the High Stakes Seduction series although I am now the proud owner of each and every book – always a big mistake picking up a follow on spin off series – it gets expensive but they are safely tucked away on my kindle for my next vacant weekend when I have a marathon reading session.

This book gave me characters that although they are in the previous series, I had no trouble at all relating too.

This is Maria and Thompson and their story is …wow!

They are an emotionally raw couple, in saying that I mean they will leave an impression on your heart with the depth of feeling that they portray.

They have a connection that is almost too powerful to put into words. They were so good together that they presented the kind of relationship that if you are lucky to find you damn well hang on to and they were determined to hold on to each other through thick and thin.

This is not to say the path they are on is easy, it is far from it they both have substantial obstacles to overcome

They brought out the hopeless romantic in me and I even though Thompson has been through more than any man should ever have to experience, I felt he was comforted by the fact that with Maria he had a balm, a voice of reason, someone that took his pain and shared it with him and gave him reason to believe that the demons he carried within him would never win.

She gave him peace.

Maria was an incredibly beautiful woman both inside and out and I must say one of the most genuinely enigmatic characters I have read for a long time. I adored her

This was a brilliant start to what I fully anticipate to be a heart wrenching series – and the next book can’t come quickly enough.

Topic: Healed by Love by Ami LeCoeur & Elle Dawson

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