All Grown Up

by Vi Keeland

Told from dual perspectives, this intimate look at an older woman’s venture into a relationship with a significantly younger man was everything I hoped it would be.

Vi Keeland can do very little wrong when it comes to putting emotion onto a page but with Valentina and Ford, she struck a rich vein of form because they were exceptional and the light, they shed on what for many is an unrealistically taboo subject was heart-warming! 

Age is just a number and this pair make sure that they hammer that point home.

I liked Ford, he was so charismatic, I got what Valentina saw in him, I could understand the attraction and that meant that I was able to see past what convention would dictate I pay attention too – the age difference. Ford wanted Valentina and was willing to go after what he wanted…no matter how much she tried to keep him at arm’s length.

He was witty, and oh my did he have more patience that I anticipated, he was front and centre at every opportunity, making sure that he could show Valentina that he was there for her and that he was there for her and that he would always be there. His determination was the catalyst that Valentina needed, the opportunity for her to see herself how the world saw her, how he saw her, not the shadow of a woman that existed in her previous marriage, not a woman living in the shadows anymore, no this was a woman that with a man like Ford’s love and support could truly sparkle. He gave her that confidence to love herself for who she was, just like he did.

I liked Valentina and I understood her hesitation but there were times when I was more than a little pi**ed at her because darn it, woman you have a mean tongue, some of her words were hurtful!

The story was a journey of discovery, especially for Valentina as she worked hard to let go of the expectations of others, the disparaging remarks and snide comments that society liked to fire her direction, so what if she was in love with a younger man, she had suffered enough in a marriage that was suffocating, she deserved Ford and I was rooting for the pair of them all the way.

A perfect summer read, that brings to life all that us women of a certain age dream of, that there is someone out there that is willing to fight for the right to love us, no matter what.


Topic: All Grown Up by Vi Keeland

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