Ravenous by MS Force

I could sum this book up in just two words: So Good!

What? Not enough well know you know how I felt when I got to the end I didn’t want it to finish.

I’ve read a few of this author novels now and in my opinion I think she is getting better and better with every book. This turned the heat up from smoulder to incendiary!

Jasper and Ellie have come to an agreement, now I understand the biological clock thingy and the longing for a child that just gets more and more painful each passing year but Ellie put herself in that predicament with her absolute desire to find the perfect man, he was there all along, she just didn’t see it.

Jasper may not be everybody’s cup of tea, this sexy British bad boy is able to fill a room with not only his impeccable airs and graces but an attitude that oozes Alpha. He may keep his dominant tendencies under wraps so to speak but be in no doubt that what this man wants… he gets and for too long he has wanted Ellie but will she want him when she realises what really makes him tick?

Ellie, has reached her mid-thirties and is sick of waiting for her Mr Perfect to show up, she wants a child and she wants one now, so Jasper it is then! Mind you I doubt it would be much of a hardship for her, she has had the hots for him for longer than she is willing to admit.

But there is one small problem, Ellie has no idea how Jasper and her brother like to spend their time but all that is about to change…will it be for the better or is the clusterf**k that is about to explode going to have her running for the hills?

Well let’s just say that once the delicious Mr Autry gets her under him, she is left in little doubt as to what his tastes include and as much as she has her eyes opened, so does he because he is rocked by the fact that she is willing to join him and from them on they are at it like the proverbial bunnies, they can’t get enough of each other and location is has no bearing on when and where they are willing to indulge in each other.

The scenes that bring these escapes to life are illuminating to say the least…you may need a fan.

But all is not smooth sailing, because their lifestyle and everything associated with it is about to be laid bare, so keeping their lives hidden from the prying eyes of the world becomes their ultimate goal. They have to work quickly to shore up their defences, and to keep the hacks away from everything they hold close. As far as they are concerned, their club and lifestyle is not up for discussion…end of.

But does Ellie get her wish?

Will she and Jasper be taking the faltering steps towards parenthood? And if they do, can they protect not only what they have now but also their child?

This is electrifying, the story is one that completely grabs you from the very first page and it doesn’t let up at all. The heat factor is completely off the charts but the author is able to temper that with a storyline that is packed with fabulous characters and situations that present that much needed element of angst.

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