by Leigh Lennon

Second in the series, I quickly moved on to this after finishing book one Unfiltered, which I would suggest you really should read before starting this one, not that it is a follow on as such but there is history that is important and characters that you really need to meet.

I think I liked this a little more than I liked the guys in first one and that was because I got a warmer feeling for the characters, they were a little more endearing and that counts for a lot in this story.

Rose, is Justine’s daughter and we catch up with her a few years after the conclusion of book one, she’s been with her guy Jones for a while but he’s been working away for over a year and distance has taken its toll, and they take the decision to take a step back …just to see if what they have is actually what they want or whether they are ready to call time on what they have.

Rose has a one-night stand with a guy that is friends with one of her buddies and that one night ends up having very long-term consequences because she can’t walk away from the fact that she ends up pregnant.

So, as you can probably guess there are repercussions that must be dealt with, tough questions to face.

Does she get back with Jones?

Does she try to form a relationship with Brody, the baby’s father?

What will her family think? Well to be honest they are as silly as a box of frogs so that was way down on my list of what mattered!

Anyway, just when you think it is all sorted the author likes to throw in the unexpected and I have to say this was no surprise, I thought I had it nailed and knew where it was going …but nope, foiled again!

A sorry of love in all its shapes and sizes, a story of love and being loved for who and what you are and for never losing sight of those around you that offer their love and support without reservation.

I thought whilst the subject matter at times wasn’t the easiest the story was super.

Topic: Unacquainted by Leigh Lennon

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