Mr President

by Katy Evans


So, in the midst of real life election fever, with more twists and turns than you could possibly ever begin to count what do you do? …Well if you are me and since we don’t have a Presidential election on this side of the pond, you switch to someone you can trust to bring you a whole heap of fabulousness!!

If there has to be a new president then I am now thinking the Ms Evans has the perfect candidate up her sleeve, so bring on gorgeous Matt Hamilton!

I loved the fact that this connection started years before Matt made his declaration to even run for the Presidency, a path that while to many it may have always been on the cards, has taken a while to come to fruition. Losing his father while he was serving his second term was tough on Matt but having grown up in the White House, if there is anyone who has a claim on the place it is him.

The politics is fascinating but the shenanigans behind the scenes is jaw dropping, the scull duggery, ministrations and subterfuge is something that just blows my mind and I think that the author hit the mail on the head with that particular aspect of the book. I found the requirement to keep what was so fabulous between them a secret and having to sneak around was such a shame, they had my sympathy because love is love no matter what, when or whom.

But I think that might have been a little bit of what Ms Evans had in mind with this pair, they were perfect for each other but life did what it always does, it got in the way.

There are too many passages in the book for me to pick any out as my absolute favourite but I would like to highlight just one, that when I read it the first time, took my breath away

“One day I’ll do all the things I need to. And she’ll be mine. Mark my words.”

“Does she know this yet? I ask, quietly

“I just told her.” he says

I hated that political ambition was standing in their way but I admired the fact that they both were willing to set their desire aside; I appreciate commitment and Matt had made a commitment that Charlotte was willing to honour no matter how much she wished it was different.

The conversations between the two of them were sweet but spicy, and the intimacy between them was off the charts, they were witty enough to take the edge of potentially touchy situations but not enough to belittle what was happening. They used their humour and attitude to not undermine but to elevate.

As the inevitable approached I felt apprehensive, no scrap that I think I just felt sick to the stomach, they had come so far but the will of the masses was about to hit them head on and that made me sad in a way, although with this being just the first book in the new series, I am sure that what is coming next will remedy all my fears.

As you would expect from Katy Evans this is a book that takes you to a place that you never thought you would be and certainly never considered comfortable, it made me think, consider and accept. To take note of feelings that remain tempered when all they want is to run rampant and I suppose with fresh eyes I saw that people who live this life, may choose it but it isn’t everything it might appear from the outside, sacrifices are made and not necessarily for the right reasons.

This was beautifully written, clever and creative. It left little room for error and was both educational and emotional. I learned more from this about the US political system than I have even known.

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