Give Me Love by Kate McCarthy


Give Me Love by Kate McCarthy


First out of the blocks for the Give Me Series and as a first novel it was a belter!

Set in Australia this was not the first surprise this book had to offer – I loved the fact that the lead character was a feisty female singer - Evie Jamieson (Sandwich to her friends) was just a fabulous character to read.

The story all centres on Evie and her Band – Jamieson. Desperately trying to fight their way into the big time – Evie and her best friend Mac( band manager and all round badass) are doing everything they can to keep the rest if the band in line and on the right track. The rest of the gang are all guys and they are bloody hilarious- Jake, Henry and Frog – know just what button to push and which muscle to flex to get the groupies flustered. Making for some fun times in the bands duplex!

Mac and Evie have been friends for years – more than friends really because when Evie’s parents died it was Mac’s mum and dad that helped her brother Cody to bring her up.

When she takes off to college with Mac, her libido gets a rude awakening when Mac’s big brother Jared made his appearance in her life – the instant attraction has Evie running for the hills – two devastating relationships already in her wake – she has given up on the hotties and plays it safe only dating the dependable safe options.

Is Jared safe – hell no but will he give up – not bloody likely!

With friendship all that is on offer, Jared takes what he can get and the two become the best of buddies and the banter and messages that transpire between the pair of them were just genius.

Cody and Jared own a well-respected company of investigator/security consultants – so escaping Jared is going to be damn near physically impossible – but emotional barriers – Evie can do those!

After relocating, the band begins to make a name for itself and when an op goes wrong for Cody and Jared – Evie is left having to seriously reconsider keeping Jared on the periphery – is she really willing to forego the man she wants? But then again will she have the opportunity because Jared just killed the bad guys’ brother and Jimmy is determined to stop at nothing to exact his revenge.

Getting their big break on tour with a top band – Cody and Jared’s company arrange to have security with Evie around the clock but can they protect Evie from Jimmy no matter what?

The storyline flew along and the accumulation of characters is breath-taking – the band are fabulous and they all have such interesting characters that I can’t wait to get more of their stories – especially Mac – I found her fascinating – proper full on feisty bitch!

Jared and Evie had served their time – they had done the lets be friends bit so in the end I was delighted that they got to have their time together and the future that they deserved.

I feel like everything is so much brighter when I’m with you. When you are not here it’s like someone turned out the lights” Jared

The epilogue was simply perfect!!

Rating 4.5 out of 5