Scars and Tats

by Kristi Pelton

There is very little I can say about this book, other than I beg you please read it!

I felt as if the story and the characters spoke to me, there was so much emotion it seemed to ooze from almost every page. 

Mela had been through so much but she had an inner strength that kept her going and a fortitude that defied description, this was a mother that wasn’t ever going to let her little man down and she was willing to stop at nothing to ensure that she did just that, she fought tooth and nail for everything good in her life and that included her son Beck. I felt nothing but pride when reading her story, a strong competent woman with an honest to god backbone that didn’t know the meaning of the words “give up” she was so strong, I thought she was fabulous.

Jackson had issues of his own, but they were his to deal with and much like Mela, he was shouldering his own sh*t and working through everything that the world seemed to have heaped on him, but could these two strangers find a way to help each other see the wood for the trees?

I wondered if it was even possible for either of them to completely trust someone again, Mela gave me the impression she wanted too but with Jackson playing his cards very clos to his chest and harbouring a secret that just might be the straw that breaks her trust once and for all, I had to read much of the last third of the book with my fingers crossed.

I wanted them to have it all but I just didn’t know if they had it in them…was I right?

Well that is something you really should discover for yourself. This is one you should add to your TBR list without any hesitation

Topic: Scars and Tats by Kristi Pelton

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