The Season: Rush by Nicole Edwards

Some people wear unrequired love well, other learn to hide it better and for both Ellie and Kingston they have both learnt to hide their true feelings and accept that with Kingston playing on the same team as her brother Spencer and being his best mate and Ellie being the proud single mom to Bianca, business owner, what they know they have is a real friendship and that is better than most and certainly not worth losing.

But when his reputation takes a nose dive at the hands of a malicious female, Kingston has reached a turning point, just like his team, it is time to get back in the game, two years in the doldrums for the team and a personal life that is verging on pitiful and Kingston is ready for anything…or so he thought because when the team’s new media relations expert gets her teeth into him, he may not like the idea she has come up with.

Amber and Spencer have history but that is best saved for another day because it is Kingston that needs to up his media profile, show the world that he is nothing like the guy that the allegations portrayed him to be, but in order to do so he needs a girlfriend and Spencer has just the woman for the job…Ellie.

Now could he really be so thick as to not know how they felt about each other or was this his attempt to not only salvage Kingston’s reputation but also force their hand, well either way they now have a “pretend” relationship going on and the stakes are now on the up.

The two of them are very much aware that their relationship has a deadline but that doesn’t mean that they feel their connection it any less and when they start to let their guard down and let each other in the lines become very, very blurry indeed. It is blatantly obvious that they love each other but the demands of their arrangement and the pressures of life seem to have them reigning it in or at least on the outside it does, but by the time they unleashed their inner desire and took their first steps towards making what was pretend, very real I was whooping with delight. Kingston was a good guy that didn’t deserve what had happened to him, he deserved Ellie but he just had to figure out a way to keep her.

Ellie has raised her daughter Bianca alone – from the minute she arrives screaming her way into the world it has just been the two of them, her Vegas one-night stand disappeared with neither of them knowing that she was pregnant, and Bianca’s fathers till doesn’t know he has a daughter. Ellie is a fabulous mom but that doesn’t mean that Bianca is not interested in finding out who her Dad is.

Ellie has tried but this savvy preteen is aware of the fact that social media in this case may be her best friends, so she gets creative…her childish enthusiasm for a happy family may be great but when her missing piece falls into place, Kingston’s life begins to falls apart beacsue he is in too deep and he cant bear to see another man in Ellie’s life, if only he would talk to her, tell her how he feels, instead of pulling away, he thinks he is being honourable giving her time but she doesn’t need time, she needs him.

The conflict between their hearts and their heads was painful, they pushed and pulled at each other for so long but never really cut the strings between them, they were both in too deep. Ellie set about clearing his name with regards to the allegations and Bianca’s father James, helped. He coudl see where Ellie’s heart lay and he wanted nothing more than to be a father to his little girl and he knew that he needed ellie to be happy in order for it all to work.

I adored Noelle, but what is going on between her and Spencer?

I love a sports novel, especially one that I have become so invested in and this pair had me frantically flipping through the pages, I wanted them to work things out, I hadn’t anticipated that it might take an intervention by Spencer to make Kingston see sense.

There was more than a hit of humour and a fabulous helping of out and out romance, but temper that with a heat factor that when at its was let loose set the page alight and you have a read that lacks in absolutely nothing.

From the pen of a master come a masterful story on love and loving.

Topic: The Season: Rush by Nicole Edwards

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