Just One Chance

by CA Harms

I have mixed emotions about this one and before I hear you groan out loud, what I mean is that I felt a mixture of emotions, the author was clever in the way that she handled much of the storyline, ensuring that the story travelled and in such a way as to ensure that I as the reader experienced a full rainbow of emotions as the tale unfolded.

I laughed – you know the sort, a proper belly laugh at times, but I also cried, especially with regards to Toby (you will see what I mean when you read the story) but most of all the story made me feel content. Safe almost that the characters were is good hands and that they were getting a story that was worthy of them.

Ms Harms did them proud and this is one that I didn’t want to put down.

Xavier and Morgan on the surface may have appeared to have little in common but what lies on the surface only masked two souls that were closer in kind than the big wide world could have ever imagine, Morgan was a student to the core, struggling to enjoy the social side of college life and while Xavier has that side all sown up, it was far from what he was all about. This was a guy that was more intense than his frat buddies would have imagined.

The goings on between the two of them brought a smile to my face and the way their characters came to life made this a story that was a simple pleasure to read.

I liked that we saw different facets to their characters and that as the book progressed – Morgan was able to let us see just who she really was under all that academia.

As you would expect it wasn’t all plain sailing but that didn’t detract…in my opinion it was a definite bonus.

From an author that I have come to admire this was another knock out.

Topic: Just One Chance by CA Harms

Date: 24/08/2017

By: Author C.A. Harms

Subject: Thank you so much!

I love this review and I love that you enjoyed the rainbow of emotions ;) Thank you for taking the time to read Just One Chance.

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