by Laurelin Paige

Well what can I say, I mean what is a woman to do when you see that the formidable, sexy as sin Hudson Pierce is about to step back into your life again…I’ll tell you what you do, you head for the phone, call in sick and curl up like a woman on the edge, I love Hudson so when saw that he was on his way back to me (I mean us but please let me have him!) I couldn’t count the days down fast enough.

It didn’t take long for all the pieces to start to fall back into place, and for it to dawn on me that this is a series that I really need to do a full re-read of, it has been far too long. But over and above all of the magnificence that is the wizardry of Ms Paige…was the magnificence that was Hudson. I could die a happy woman for having just had him in my life for one more time.

I was late to the Pierce party initially but I have made up for it since and getting some more time with both him and Alayna was something that I didn’t actually know that I had been missing as much as I had, but once the story took hold, I felt the pieces fall into place and their own very special brand of crazy took off.

Hudson and Alayna have been together for long enough to make them feel as if they have left the misery pf the past behind them but where would the fun be in that, of course the past isn’t finished with them and when it rears its malicious head, everything that I and they had hoped was behind them is front and centre again and it is far from a rosy prospect.

I was on the edge of my seat at times, desperately trying to work out who exactly was hot on their tails this time and what they had planned for the two of them. I applaud the author for a story that was full of twists and turns and that kept even myself, the most eager of readers glued to my kindle.

Packed with angst, suspense and attitude this had everything it needed and a side action of just a little bit more.


Topic: FIXED FOREVER by Laurelin Paige

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