by L. A. Fiore

The colourful descriptive tones used by this author left me in absolutely no doubt where her talent not only lay but where it was taking me, the journey was exquisitely presented like a beautifully painted picture, giving me the most stunning view of what she had in mind. I found the use of not just words, but detailed words, carefully selected words were judged to perfection and that care, that intent meant that this book was one that spoke to me.

The book is intense and rightly so, it starts off that way and is relentless, it has a brutality that for many may be difficult to carry off but that Ms Fiore hands with an accuracy and intensity that blew me away.

I wanted something deep and meaningful and I got just that…a story that was devastatingly mysterious, with a sense of mystery and the allure of something that for as much as it was broken, it wasn’t exactly earning to be fixed
I thought that Brochan was a fabulous character, a guy that when it came to being down and dirty, had all the moves and then some! He was an alpha male in every sense of the word and if I had to I would say it in great big shouty capital letters because there is no doubt that as deliciously dark and broken he was, this was a guy that was no-one’s fool. Add Lizzie into his sphere and the man was off the charts!!!

I loved Lizzie, she was just who Brochan needed and between them they turned what was an already admirable flame into an inferno…they set the pages alight!

I would implore you to read this, it is one not to be missed

Topic: SAVAGE by L. A. Fiore

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