More than Famous

by Kahlen Aymes



This is the continuation of Brook and Caden’s story.

Desperately trying to hide their relationship, both Brook and Caden are feeling the pressure that the production company and their fame seem to heap upon them.

They’re struggling to keep the passion that they have hidden but they are both completely aware that if they were to be discovered what they have is likely to be tested to the limits.

Brook and Caden were playing the roles of a lifetime, they were cast as Ryan and Julia but this had transpired into a case of life imitating art and they were living a life that was almost as passionate and intense as the characters they were bringing to the big screen.

I liked Brook, I liked the fact that she was a confident young woman, I could see Julia in her, even though at times, he age gave her away and her insecurities were a little more irritating that I would have liked. She was definitely comfortable in her own skin and willing to fight for what she wanted in life. She was devoted to Caden, even though she was sometimes influenced by external forces who were doing everything they could to come between the two of them.

Caden, well this man was Ryan personified!!

He oozed charm and charism, he was confident, although at times, I think that confidence skirted very close to the edge of arrogance but I was under no illusion of the fact that he loved Brooke and he didn’t care who knew it. He was determined that they would not be beholden to the production company and that they would be together, come what may!

But was it that simple?

Would the production company help them to keep their relationship quiet or would they force their hand and take the love they have public?

The shenanigans that ensued was written with absolute perfection, they were all so enamoured with keeping the news of the fact that the two stars were seeing each other that the lies and subterfuge that was to come was enough to keep me on the edge of my seat.

The author gave me a story that was completely engaging, it was charming and passionate, each word was made to count, each word added something to the intensity of the story, nothing was wasted, no emotion was excused, everything was drawn to perfection and it was undeniably sensual, evocative and endearing.

That is not to say that everything went their way, there were others around that were determined to make sure that what they had didn’t last but I am certain that if life would just butt out, the two of them were destined just like Ryan and Julia to go the whole way but this famous duo have more to contend with and I am now left with my fingers crossed that the outcome I have my heart set on, doesn’t just get to live inside my head.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in the series.

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