Darkest Hour

by Bella Jewel


The third in the series and whilst I have enjoyed the previous works, I was left slightly disappointed by this one. Not enough to say that the book isn’t worth reading…it is but the characters didn’t grab me the way I wanted.
Both of them had personalities that were almost larger than life, especially Koda but at times it seemed that they were almost at odds with each other.
Whilst I essentially liked both Koda and Charlie, I couldn’t help but feel that I wanted Koda to be more empathetic toward Charlie than he was, yep I know that it isn’t always the case that characters can be that connected but at times, I wasn’t actually sure just how invested in the two of them he was.
I will say however that the author certainly knows how to write a sex scene because in that department this pair were certainly sizzling.
As peeved as I was at times with Koda, I can’t say that, that was the same for Charlie, I liked her she was a smart woman who had lived a life that had left its mark. She learnt early on that backing down was not an option and she lived by that rule, I thought she was the star of the show.
With what appears to be more to come from this pair, I have to say that I am looking forward to seeing where they headed next.
The story was well written, and I enjoyed it, but this was a story that encourages thought and question which might seem like a challenge but that, in my opinion, is never a bad thing.

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