The Missing One by Liz Lovelock

Melodi always believed her sister was dead, for years now she has lived with a nagging feeling that her sister’s abusive partner has killed her but she was never able to lay that thought to rest.

But at the end the first book The Missing One, Melodi is dealt a punch to the chest when her sister turns up, very much alive and willing to now share what exactly happened all those years ago.

Melodi needs to hear what Abby has been through, what her life with Jacob was like but it is far from easy listening. Jacob was a sorry excuse for a human being, a spiteful, vindictive, violent man who thought that he had the right to treat Abby despicably.

The story is told from a number of points of view, and is all the better for it.

I liked the fact that Abby had the opportunity to exorcize her past so to speak, to rebuild the relationship that she has missed out on with her sister.

I adore Corban and the way he is with Melodi, he loves her more than life itself and there is nothing that he will not do to see her happy, their relationship is the so strong, it was delightful.

Of all the characters I think Blake was my favourite. He was so sweet and had the knack of coming out with the most amazing things just at the most opportune moment, this sexy assed cop is a smooth talker too! But through the book and almost as a parallel to Abby’s story we get to see Blake’s story too as his is delicately intertwined.

The story was edgy and emotional right up until the point when the author ripped my world part …really I read through veils of tears and with baited breath. That part of this book was probably some of the most harrowing and difficult paragraphs that I have ever read… approach with caution ladies!

I finished the book and took a deep breath, laid my kindle down and could do nothing more than just sit.

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