Royal Blood

by Amity Cross


I think for once I actually may be stumped for words- and that is not an easy thing to admit!

This book has me rendered speechless, dumfounded and absolutely in awe of the talent that is Amity Cross.

There are biker books on the market and then there is Royal Blood, please do not assume that having read on you have read them all because this one rewrites the rule book!!

Looking for somewhere to lay low, Mercy thought she had found the perfect hiding place at a biker bar but Mercy’s new persona and identity may not be enough to keep her out of harm’s way.

She may have balls of steel and more than willing to call a spade a spade, but she plays her cards very close to her chest and makes sure that her past remains ever elusive. It was her ability to retain the mystery around her that kept the whole situation so fresh.

But Mercy isn’t the only enigma in the book – “X” is everything you could possibly want and he just wandered into Mercy’s bar.

Looking for his way out of the Royal Blood, X is looking to take on his last assignment and find his escape from the people who have forced his hand once too often and made his decent to the cold hearted killer that he is now, inevitable.

X is the polar opposite to normal, but his cold heart may just have found a reason to thaw.

This smoulderingly hot hit man, has his eyes opened when he clocks the glorious Mercy as soon as he walks into the bar, and it isn’t only him that has passion burning a path south.

The attraction may have been instant but with secrets surrounding them both, they fight hard to keep away from each other. But this pairing as never in doubt – it was fated.

You will love the twists and turns that are abound in this book, the fact that secrets are teased relentlessly from them both during the time that they spend together, exploring what and who they are and what and who they can become. Mercy is determined that X can be the man he wants to me and not the man that Royal Blood has made him.

But can this hardened soul, see that there is more to him that he has considered and can this woman, hiding in the shadows bring not only herself but her damaged hit man into the light.

You will revel in the mystery, sigh at the intrigue and curse at the injustice.

But most of all you will delight at the quality of the writing, the intensity of the characters and extract the greatest of joy from finishing a book that is nothing short of amazing.