Sins of the Father

by Marie James

I wanted to like this book, straight off the bat, I wanted nothing more than to dive in and fall totally in lust with magnificence…and Marie James dished just that up for me…this was superb!
From the first chapters, it was obvious that this was a story that demanded it time, that refused to be ignored and that was ready to leave an impression. It was packed to the brim with characters that I felt almost instantly connected too, the character that were screaming to have their story told and there was no one better to do it that Marie, I felt her empathy with them, their moods seeped through that pages and the words rung true.
 She gave their situations honesty, yes not all of it was nice, this is an MC, after all, they don’t exactly do things all pink and fluffy but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t more to them than that harshness. They had it all and played each card close to their chest, revealing just what was needed at exactly the right time…especially that ending- Wow!!

Topic: Sins of the Father by Marie James

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