Rewriting the Rules by S Moose

I would love to know who it was that invented or came up with this whole bro-code gibberish, the whole sisters are off limits scenario that it is just so pointless, when have you ever known a man to do as he is told! Really!!!

Life stood in their way and tore them apart when they were just teenagers but could Charlotte and Troy try again or had too much happened in the interim?

The young and naïve Charlotte had longed for and loved her brother Will’s best friend Troy for years but when family tragedy struck, her life and Troy’s were never going to be the same again because despite their commitment that after college everything would be as they planned, life had other ideas and when her brother almost railroads her into a relationship with a guy she really doesn’t want to be with, I was beginning to wonder if this was the book for me.

But she found her inter steel and when Shawn intimated that he was ready to settle down, she did exactly the opposite and took off!

She only had one place left to turn, one man she hoped she could rely upon and the pair of arms that she had dreamed of and that she knows without a doubt that she will be safe in…Troy’s.

But Troy isn’t the man she once knew, he has closed himself off in many respects and I have to say that I actually found his attitude really hard to get a handle on, it was as if he had forgotten the part he played in their relationship coming to an end, he didn’t seem to want to acknowledge that while she had left she really didn’t have much of a choice as it was with her brother and Troy didn’t exactly go hunting either of them down!

His attitude was harsh, I got that she had hurt him but was it all on her?

He poured all his anger and blame onto her. Justified or not, I was ready to swing for him!

Had they really come to this after all these years, did what they once had count for nothing or would the love that they shared all that time ago be able to bring them back from the brink of disaster, could they see past the pain and give their hearts the chance to heal?

It takes the most almighty melt down for the two of them to finally get it all out in the open and to address the way they are feeling, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that one, it had been a long time coming but it was just what they needed in order to clear the air and to kick start a future that up until that point, I want actually sure they were going to be able to have.

Sometimes Charlotte was too nice for her own good, if she wanted Troy she needed to meet him half way and his road was far from all sunshine and flowers, he lived clouded by shadows of his own making but he was happy there, could she force him to face the future that they could have together?

There were some sound secondary characters that I would like to have heard a little more from but you never know, the author might have plans for them, and I hope so.

A solid second chances romance, with a little bit of the bro/best friend drama thrown it.

Very well written and engagingly entertaining.

Does the book live up to its title and has it rewritten the rules, well I think in this occasion yes, because it gave due diligence to the emotional angst that both Charlotte and Troy were experiencing and showed clearly that when it comes to affairs of the heart, the rule book is null and void!!!

Topic: Rewriting the Rules by S Moose

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