by Jay Crownover


Well, where to start, first of all I absolutely adore this series – and second – Nash is an absolute god but Saint – I just didn’t get where she was coming from – the only thing that held my attention as far as she was concerned was me trying to figure out what Nash saw in her.

Following on directly from the end of the previous novel Rome, we join the story with Nash still reeling from the situation with Uncle Phil.

We get a quick back history with regards to the animosity that Saint hold towards Nash and why she is determined to keep her distance but to be honest – I just didn’t get her, I understand that bullying in any form is abhorrent but Nash didn’t bully her – they were never together, she never actually saw him say what she has held a grudge over for all these years – it was infantile to behave like a silly girl over nothing.

Surely as she grew up she should have been be able to distinguish the difference between what they had and a school girl crush. To be honest the whole way through the book I just wanted to scream at her to grow up!

She is nice enough and the empathy she has for his situation is commendable but it was always going to be her hurting him and not the other way round, Nash is a gentleman but never being one to commit to one woman, I had my heart in my mouth hoping that she grew a set and loved him like he deserved.

“You undo me, Saint.”

“I’m sorry.”

He sighed and rolled over so that he could pull me on top of his chest. “Just try and put me back together when you’re done with me, all right?”

The situation between Phil and Nash was handled with skill and aplomb – and it was brilliant to catch up with the rest of Nash’s misfit family.

I love the relationship he has with Rule – they really are the definition of best friends and Cora – she is such a fabulous character. The chat between Asa and Nash gave us a little more insight into Asa and I would love to see him get his girl eventually but you never know – perhaps Royal maybe the woman to set him straight.

I adore Nash he is my absolute favourite of all the Marked Men so far – he is appearance masks the fact that he is such a sweet guy. My heart broke for him – especially dealing with his mother and the scene when he had to let Phil go – his eulogy was so fitting.

Rowdy is next on the agenda and with the introduction of Salem at the end of the novel – all I can say if bring it on!!!


Rating 4 out of 5 (and most of that is because it is Nash)