You Loved Me at My Ugliest by Evie Harper


This has been a series that can only be described as one of life altering perceptions. It takes preconceived notions and throws them out along with tomfoolery and just miscreant intentions.

In book 1 You Loved Me at My Darkest, I was swept away by the brutality of the situation and the lengths that all of those involved were prepared to go to, the aptitude of the human spirit and the inherent self-preservation. Joseph and Alexa weren’t what I anticipated in that book and in Book 2  You Loved Me at My Weakest, I saw a side of Joseph that I knew to be the true man, the desire to do what he could to take his uncle down, no matter the personal harm.

I loathed his uncle Michael and understood why Joseph he had walked away from Alexa in his own warped attempt to keep her safe but in this there is no hiding place. I didn’t like what he did but I got why and that was important for me.

But this Book 3 is them warts and all and I LOVED IT!!!!

It was reminiscent but required, it showed me everything I needed to know and some that I really wish I didn’t. I gave me clarity and insight into the lives they had both lead before they met and in some respects it allowed me to understand what had shaped and moulded them into the human beings that they were now.

They were both products of their upbringing, Alexa having lost her parents and Joseph having been as good are raised by mongrels – they were black souled, heartless creatures who didn’t deserve to have him in their life, but who would come to understand that you reap what you sow.

Real life bites hard when the present day story kicks in and Alexa finds herself heading back to Mexico, searching for the answer that she doesn’t actually want to know- is he dead?

Her heart is broken at the prospect that the news that has filtered through to her is true, but she has to know for herself and she is definitely not to be deterred.

But what she is looking for is not what she gets, she walks into an almighty war and finds Joseph at the centre of it.

With support from family, Joseph is doing what he can to rid himself of the thorn that is his uncle. To finally erase the man from the face of the earth and to put an end to the threat he is to not only his life but those who he loves, namely Alexa.

I loved the connection between this pair, they really were an all or nothing couple – without the nothing!

They were it for each other and it was going to take a tsunami of emotion to get them to their happy ever after but I never for one second doubted the fact that they deserved their little slice of heaven.

The book, will leave you emotionally distraught at times, it will suck the life from you and then gentle breathe it back in one tiny breath at a time. It will give you hope and then dash it, only to bring it back again – was completely aghast at the depth of feeling that one author could draw from me in the space of just a few hours.

I adore the fact that the series was wrapped up with a fitting epilogue, one that I have re-read twice since finishing the book just an hour ago.

I have ploughed through this book today but I think I have a date brewing one weekend in the very near future where I will curl up with my tissues and re-read the whole series and gentle lose myself into three completely enchanting books.