Hold On

by Arell Rivers

This nifty little prequel gave me a short but insightful peek into life before the fame for a guy that always aspired to be more.
l thought the author showed just how must of a temptation fame can be but that not everyone has to succumb to the beast that is notoriety, I’m not saying that Cole was an angel, far from it but that didn’t mean he was willing to live every single aspect of his life in the glare of publicity, and I thought his desire to keep his feet on the ground was admirable…the question was could he achieve it?
If you have read the series then you know all about Cole and rose and how their relationship developed but I was delighted that Rose made an appearance in this story too, I knew it was going to a fleeting glance but it was nice to see the flicker of a very early yearning between them.
A sound and safe read that brought everything to the fire that I could have wanted…especially the humour I found that brought the biggest smile to my fac

Topic: Hold On by Arell Rivers

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