Jase by L Grubb

Feeling a little left out since Beast and Roofie have found their happy ever afters, Jase is at a bit of a crossroads, not exactly sure that he can be bothered by having a proper relationship and I suppose feeling a little jealous of what the guys have, someone that is theirs and love them unconditionally.

But his decision may be a moot point when the bubbly Frankie enters his life, because unlike his ex Jen, Frankie is everything he never knew he wanted but now doesn’t want to be without.

I sort of understood his attitude but it was in complete contrast to what you would expect, this tough guy completely wounded by his ex and still carrying the remnants of the hurt that she had inflicted on him almost. He was wary of women in a way I would not have considered.

But with Frankie he need never have worried because the girl was just so beautiful inside and out. She was so honest, so realistic that I think of L Grubb’s ladies she is my absolute favourite, she had a past, of course she did but when a moody MMA fighter enters her life, she is at sixes and seven trying to get to terms with not only what Jase wants but what she wants too.

Can they find a way towards a relationship or will their past hurts sabotage their happiness or will they face the wrath of the deluded ex Jen and her own special brand of crazy!

The story is fabulously well written and although part of a series, it can be read as a standalone but I would really recommend that you pick up the first two book.

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