What Doesn’t Destroy US by MN Forgy

What Doesn’t Destroy Us by MN Forgy


Book 1 in the Devil's Dust MC Series

The book centres on Dani, and the change that is enforced on her when her mother tells her that she has to leave New York. With her options running out, Dani’s mother takes the decision that the only person that can protect them is Dani’s father – President of Devils Dust MC.

Dani has never know Bull – her mother has always made sure of that when she eventually arrives in Los Angeles, it is not only her that is in for a shock – Bull has been completely ignorant to her existence up until now!

Completely at a loss in life, she is now the protection of Bull, still struggling to cut loose from her mother who insists that he is able to control almost every aspect of Dani’s life and her living arrangements and introduction to her father’s world has her head spinning, can she get her head around what is happening – perhaps but she has her hands full with one particular problem – she has clapped eyes on Shadow – her father’s sergeant at arms in the club and it feels like her heart has stopped!

Shadow, life has never been what could remotely be described as easy – to be honest it was the epitome of bleak. With a mother that had enough problems of her own to deal with, Shadow learn early on that he had no-one that would be there to support him, he learnt quickly to trust no-one and to survive using his own wits and cunning.

Determined to find a place in the world for himself, he finds his own family when he joins the Devils Dust MC and after serving his time as a prospect he is now a fully patched brother and would be for life. These guys are his life now and nothing and nobody is going to change that – or are they?

The attraction between Dani and Shadow is instinctive, Shadow knows that she is off limits, no-one touches the President’s daughter but he can’t help himself – the way they are together defies logic.

The story take a little while to warm up but once it is in full flow it really is a formidable read.

The characters are well developed and it is difficult to not warm to them and their situation. That is not to say that I liked everything about them because I didn’t –Dani quite frankly got on my bloody nerves to begin with but once she found her feet in her new environment, I felt as if she grew into her role – Shadow was just fabulous from the get-go!

I despised Dani’s mother and have my fingers crossed that she will get her comeuppance in book 2 – please!!

Now onto the headline grabber – the cliff-hanger ending – Holy Cow, it was a corker!!

Unexpected and Fabulous – I cannot wait until the next book in the series arrives in October.