Best Man

by Katy Evans

There are often hitches when it comes to a wedding but for Lia Ripley, the biggest hitch she has seems to be her fiancé Aaron,  he is far from the perfect guy in my opinion and after a road trip to recover the wedding rings that he foolishly left behind, it was clear that Lia was beginning to reconsider exactly what she was signing up to hitching herself to him.
Aaron, best friend was Miles, the same guy that she had, had a brief dalliance with, a one night only fling that was over just a quickly as it had happened but that led to some frosty interactions ever since.
But in the confines of a car for a number of hours the two of them are forced to share not only space but also some shocking revelations.
I found Lia initially wasn’t the type of character that I could engage with, she didn’t exactly come across well, she was a little too intense for me but once I got to hear her story, I found myself warming towards her, because if truth be told Aaron was a total arse.
Can Lia take the leap and call the whole thing off, when faced with the truth of her situation and the opportunity that a relationship with Miles may give to her …will she find the strength to put herself first and take the chance on a love that promises so much more.

Topic: Best Man by Katy Evans

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