Own the Wind

by Kristen Ashley



I’ve had this one sitting for a long, long time and never gotten round to starting it – shame on me because due to my own stupidity I have missed out on the phenomenon that is Shy Cage – I mean where do you get one of those guys !!

The book is the story of Shy and Tabby (the daughter of the Chaos MC’s president) no pressure there then!

Obligated to protect Tabby, Shy and the guys keep a discrete eye on her as she ventures into the world and as a 16 year old Tabby is more than capable of finding trouble without any problem.

Having long harboured a crush on the slightly older Shy, Tabby has steered clear – Shy is not known for being a one woman man and hardly the type to commit!

Following a rescue mission one night to save her from an out of control situation with some old friends, Shy decides to scare some sense into her and determined to make her see that if she doesn’t change her ways the future that lies before her is none too glamorous. In his own inimitable way he is brutal with his ministrations and Tabby gets the message.

The next time we hear of Tabby she has qualified nursing school and is working in a local hospital, she has found herself a nice guy and is engaged to be married. Finally a sense of normal – no MC anywhere in her future.

Fate has a different idea and deals her the cruellest of blows. Thrust back into the bossom of Chaos, it is Shy that steps up to be the shoulder that she needs. Despite the fact that they have barely spoken to each other in years, Shy knows that she is his friend and that his friend needs him…

  “You need a safe place just to forget shit and escape, I’ll give it to you. Tonight. Tomorrow. Next week. Next month. That safe place is me, Tabby.”

Spending time together opens all manner of emotions for them both and gently we see their fledgling romance begin to bloom. Shy is good for her and his encouragement gives her the strength to be the woman that she wants and at the same time be the woman that Shy needs.

She can see the man beneath the exterior and despite what everyone else says – she knows that his heart belongs to her.

Keeping things on the lowdown from the club and tabby’s dad is not easy but they decide to keep it quiet and get to know each other. Shy tells his brother when he comes back from deployment but when their secret eventually sees the light of day the consequences are not pretty and despite the overwhelming opposition they fight for what they know they want – each other.

Shy is dominant but adorable- he proves time and time again that he has one purpose in life and that is to keep Tabby safe and happy – nothing and no-one will get in his way and he stands up to everyone when they doubt him – prepared to walk away from his brothers at the club, there is nothing that he will not do for his woman.

Shit, you have just got to love the guy!!!

I liked the fact that this started out as a story of unrequited love and that it took us on a journey of discovery. I like the fact that we have to travel through the years with them to get to their happy ending and what a happy ending it is – the epilogue is stunning.

Overall a beautiful love story, one that shows just what can be overcome in the name of love.


Rating 4.5 out of 5