by Carly Phillips

Oh my! isn’t this a fantastic start to a new series. I had no idea what really, I was expecting but what I got…well that was Ms. Phillips at her very best, this was a great read and one that I quickly became attached too and yes, I do mean physically, I just couldn’t put it down.

Having had his heart bruised and his fingers burnt from previous relationships, garage owner Kane Harmon has sworn off getting involved with anyone, but when he makes his way out to a job, he has no idea that the person requiring his assistance is going to be the same person that he helped years ago when they were both in school. He thought nothing of stepping in to protect her from the scourge of the school bullies that used to plague her life.

Halley Ward lives a life in what can only be described as isolation, her solitude is entirely of her own choosing and is complete, she has even cut all ties with her family. Kane hadn’t seen hide nor hair of her for years and if he was being honest he had no idea that she was still around town. But seeing her again brought back memories and rekindled his interest in the fairer sex but is he barking up the wrong tree?

I could understand why he would feel protective of Hayley, they had a history but it was clear that she wasn’t going to be quite so keen.  Or was she? There was more under the surface that needed time to filter through and perhaps this time Kane was just the man to save her from herself.

He was relentless, gently plugging away at her defences, slowly peeling away the layers of defence that she had surrounding herself and showing her that there were possibilities and that them being together is definitely one of them. But could he seal the deal of would this reclusive woman retreat back into her shell?

I thought Kane was a proper gent, he was kind and honest, he cared and that was evident in everything he did. I was totally smitten and I had my fingers crossed that Hayley would see that too. I got that she had a lot to deal with but she couldn’t have had a better man by her side…. for the last 10% of the book I think I was reading with my fingers crossed that I and they got a happy ever after…. the question is did they?

You need to read to find out!

Topic: FEARLESS by Carly Phillips

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