Filthy Dirty Secrets by Grace Morgan

This may only a short book but it packs a whole lot in.

Lola is still investigation Hope’s disappearance and in line with their agreement she is still with Burke.

The reason behind Lola’s determination to discover what has happened to Hope is revealed in this story and I have to say I understand why she gave in to Burke’s demands in order to have the access to the people she needed. She will honestly stop at nothing to find out what has happened.

Told from both Burke’s and Lola’s points of view the book certainly gallops along cramming more in than many books twice its size but I have to say that Burke has really gotten under my skin.

There is more to the man than he is ready to show at the minute, although we do find out how he is connected to Hope.

His whole elusive personality is completely captivating. I have my fingers crossed for Burke, I think I have my own story playing out in my head, I just hope that the next book brings me what I am dreaming of.

I will warn you know, I was completely blindsided by the ending, the cliff-hanger is a proper belter!! I doubt you will see it coming, I know I didn’t.

Straight into the next book for me and a bit more Burke!