Meet Me Under the Stars

by KD Proctor

This is a little to be said for meddling from beyond the grave and in this story Gwen does just that by leaving behind a Will that certainly goes a long way to stirring things up again for her sister Charlie.

Losing your sister is bad enough but when she leaves behind stipulations in her Will that have you veering down a path that you honestly believed you had left behind you, well emotions were certainly running high.

Charlie was bemused somewhat by the inclusion of her ex Nate in Gwen’s Will. After all, having gone their separate ways she was very much hoping that his involvement in her life was over, she had her reasons as to why she called time on their relationship…it’s just a shame that Nate has no idea why!

Gwen on the other hand obviously had other ideas and set it out to make sure that after her death the two of them had to spend time together, and as much as it may have appeared that it was nothing other than opening an already raw wound, Gwen obviously knew better because being drawn together was cathartic for them both , her instruction that they join forces to not only set up a scholarship at Camp Pine Haven but to also make sure that her remains were scattered there forced both Nate and Charlie to face the barriers that they had both built around themselves.

Now, I loved the angsty attitude that the pair of them had, I totally got the fact that Nate hated the fact that Charlie had dumped him but I was just waiting on the reality of the situation to break through and for the truth to finally get its moment in the spotlight. But would it????

Reasons unfolded and secrets were laid to rest.

This was a sound second chance romance that read easily and flowed really well.

Topic: Meet Me Under the Stars by KD Proctor

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