by Alice La Roux and M.S. L.R.

As I have come to expect with anything that has Ms La Roux’s name on it this was an exceptionally well written story, and in my opinion, that alone is worth picking it up for but if it isn’t, and you need just a little more persuasion then I would have to say that this is just about as perfect a second time around romance as you are ever likely to read.

The authors took their time through the first part of the story, some might say it was a little slow but I felt it was deliberate and I urge you to be patient and give the characters to draw you in, because once they hit their stride the story took off!

We all know that there are situations, people, whatever from our past that we can’t help but reflect on and wonder what if?

What would you do if you have your time over or if like Kaleb and Serena, you get a second chance at finding what you should have never lost in the first place?

Kaleb and Serena met when there wasn’t anything good that could have ever come from them being together, even though they were deeply attracted to each other, because no matter how good they felt, neither of them was in a position to give their all to those emotions…they each had partners that deserved that.

So, Kaleb did what he thought was for the best and left…was it his only option, probably not but it was the one that spoke to him, no matter that he knew that by leaving her behind he would break Serena heart…and he did. I felt for both of them at this point but I must say that I ultimately respected the fact that Kaleb did what he did, it was a damage limitation exercise and much as he hated that he hurt her, had he stayed the emotional fall out for them both could have been catastrophic.

So, the book rolled forward just a few years and fate brought them back into each other’s circle and it didn’t take long for the feelings that they had both burrowed away to come rushing back to the surface, this was a couple that deserved a second chance but that were going to have to stop running and learn to fight for what they wanted…each other?

Kaleb put everything on the line and I loved just how hard he was willing to push everything to get Serena to see that what they could have would be spectacular, I got that they had stepped over a line previously and I really am not a huge fan of books that contain cheating but its real life, and it happens and in this case I think it gave the pair of them something to reflect on and to use to guide what they could and would do now, it was a rebalancing of their moral compass, after all they both knew that having lost each other once, this was their last chance at a forever!

From the outset I think the book and the characters had something to prove, it was a sort of don’t judge a book by its cover scenario, in as much as don’t judge Kaleb and Serena by their actions, because in the end theirs was an invisible bond that even when apart was working to get them back together. I believe that fate had it hand in everything they experienced and whilst their time wasn’t right three years previously, it was right now and they had an ending to work towards, but whether it was a happy one or not remained to be seen.

Emotionally this will test you, it did me but that is a good thing.

You will love, laugh and despair not just along with them but for them, you will silently hope for a happy ever after, readily forgetting the wrath you would have liked to heap upon the earlier for their transgressions and all of this is what for me made this a great read, it brought my heart into play not just my head. It made me look at what I think and feel and put me into their shoes and whilst I may not have agreed with everything, I understood it all.

A second chance for everyone, never a bad thing!


Topic: Conflicted by Alice La Roux and M.S. L.R.

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