Bring Me Back Here

by A.M. Guilliams

I am the first to admit that I love a cowboy story, so when I came across this one, I couldn’t help but be drawn too it.

But was my blind faith justified…oh my, was it!

I thought the story was so touching, it brought a lump to my throat. The emotions were beautifully portrayed, so much so that at times I wanted nothing more than to reach into the page and give them both a hug, they brought out and on some occasions wrung out every emotion I had.

Gentry (I love the name by the way) was a lovely guy, the way he was with Ainsleigh was totally swoon worthy, he adored her and was fiercely protective of her, often to his own detriment, because he had his own pain to deal but his understanding of exactly what makes Ainsleigh tick gave him the opportunity to be the man that she needed by her side even after all the years they have been apart.

She may have left town all those years ago, running away to find what she thought she needed but was it? Because now she is back and so is the pain of everything she thought she had dealt with.

The two of them had everything going on and far too much to try and cover in a review but I only hope that if I say that this is the sort of book that leave no stone unturned in its pursuit of your happiness that you will give Gentry and Ainsleigh a try.

A romance of the very highest order, packed with fabulous secondary characters, especially Ainsleigh’s brother Holden who I totally fell for.

I hope it might not be too much to have a little more of some of the additional characters in the story…cheeky I know but it has to be done, some of the other definitely have more to say.


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