Going Down Hard

by Carly Phillips

I finished this about a week ago and have been hanging off writing my review not exactly sure what I wanted to say but I now know, that it wasn’t what I needed to say that was the issue, the problem was my subconscious wanted another look at the book, so having had a quick refresh I am ready to spill!

Cassie and Derek have a past that doesn’t exactly stand them in good stead, there is an element of unfulfilled rage that is simmering beneath the surface of Derek that he seems to have a just about enough of a handle on to keep himself sane but not enough for him to waylay the anger that continues to burn away at him.

Cassie and her family are responsible for his rage, or at least Derek believes that to be the case, their slight directed at him when he was younger has lived with him, his believe that he was rejected by them simply because he wasn’t enough has been gnawing at his soul but will he get the opportunity to write the wrong he feels aggrieved by?

I like Derek, he was a determined SOB, coming from absolutely nothing he was every inch the self-made man, every ounce of his being was what he designed it to be, he answered to no-one and he liked it that way but when Cassie is in need of help, can he put his feelings aside and give not only her but them a second chance or will his desire for revenge outweigh his desire for the woman that slipped away!

I loved the drama that this brought to the page, it was angsty in all the right places and boy did that man know how to brood! The story was strong but passionate, they mixed it up a bit but kept it absolutely on point, this was as realistic as I could have possible wanted, they felt like friends, they mattered and what they were going through gave me cause for concern.

The story flowed perfectly, but my favourite thing was the fact that it stilled when necessary, giving me time to pause and reflect just when the author knew I needed it most…very clever Ms Phillips, very, very clever!!!

Topic: Going Down Hard by Carly Phillips

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