Clutch Player

by Nikki Ash

I wish I could say lots and lots of wonderful things about this book, but I can’t and that is because I only need one…FANTASTIC!

I love a story that has a sports star as one of the main characters but when that character is a good as Landon…well I was totally smitten.

Highschool sweethearts Landon and Harper were torn apart when Landon was drafted to the MLB and the prospect of a long distance relationship never had a hope of coming to fruition but when they are unwittingly set up on a date, all bets were off because this pair had the chance they needed to pick up on what was always meant to be, despite the fact that Harper was doing everything she could to protect not only her heart all over again but also her children.

Landon fought hard to get his woman and I was willing him along from the sidelines…crying a little more than I had anticipated too.


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