Three Simple Words by AJ Pine

If there was book that was written to speak to me, this was it. I could so get right inside the head of Annie, she made perfect sense to me and for that alone this was always going to be a book that I simply could not put down.

Annie may be single but she lives her life surrounded by love and romance ever day of her life, her passion may lie between the covers of each and every book she not only reads, blogs about and sells in her shop but she is absolutely certain that her prince charming is out there somewhere, her happy ever after is on its way and she is holding out hope that it might be soon. I loved her attitude, her enthusiasm and her sheer belief that show the guy she really wants what it is like to be in love…but can she or will he be the one to slip through her fingers because Wes might right the romantic stories that the likes of Annie adore but that doesn’t mean he believes in everyone getting their own little slice of happy ever after.

Wes, writes what he knows, putting his ardent bachelor slant on the stories that he pens but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t a romantic, it just means that his romance is realistic. I loved his honesty, he hid nothing, well unless you consider the fact that he has had a bit of a crush on his best mate’s sister (Annie) for far too long…but then again it that old bull, no dating your mate’s sister…ba**ocks!

The humour of the story was infectious. Not that the story was laugh out loud funny, but it had me smiling for much of their interaction. I adored the way that Annie was so forthright, she was prepared to take Wes on at the love game and show him what he was missing pout on. I didn’t believe that he was completely against relationships as such, I just think he was against settling down with someone just for the sake of it. But when the chance of a relationship with Annie becomes a reality. Will this confirmed bachelor change his tune?

They bickered and they niggled but they did so with an honesty and a realism that was difficult not to get absorbed by.

I adored the setting, the synopsis of the whole situation it was fresh and original, there was a little bit of angst with some secondary characters but nothing that could take the shine off the way the story made me feel.  

I completely fell in love with both Wes and Annie and I could have listened to them all day. But would they get that elusive happy ever after? Well what do you think!

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