Revenge by C A Harms

It is saying something when the only thing you don’t like about a book is the cover…not that I am having a go or anything but the girl on the front is just not what I pictured Gabby to look like and seeing as she is pregnant in the book, the cover really bothered me.

But thankfully the story didn’t, so enough said. Straight off the end of Chaos, this is the book that I have been hanging out for, I really, really wanted Leo to get what was coming to him but CA Harms, you made us wait for it!!!

This couple have hit every bit of bad luck since the minute they met almost but I needed them to find a way out of it together , I had no idea just how complicated it was all going to be and how deviant Leo was.

The author dangled Leo’s cruelty and evilness like a carrot, leaving a little too much to my overactive imagination…I was frantic at more than one point in the book where I thought they were going to fall apart. But they needed to rid themselves of Leo, once and for all before they could finally have a future that they would have so richly deserved.

Josh was like a man possessed when it can to his pursuit of Leo, he understood completely just how lethal Leo’s fixation on Gabby was and how tragic the consequences of not catching him would be but with Gabby’s sisters, mother and father to help and the other guys in the squad standing by him, he is hell bent on tracking Leo down and ending their torment.

But when things take a turn for the worse, my heart went out to him, the emotional turmoil was excruciating!

One point…I thought the book wrapped up quite sharply, the source of the much needed information seemed to relent unexpectedly and that caught me by surprise. Not that I wasn’t glad she had but I didn’t see the build up to that turn around.

If ever a coupel deserved their happy ever after it was Josh and Gabby, they hadn’t cut a break the whole way through the series but with romance one the cards for Gabby’s sisters and some of Josh’s closet colleagues, I am keeping my fingers crossed that there may be a little bit more to come, I would so love to get a glimpse into the relationship between Brooke and Audrey because from the little bits that have popped up in the books to date, that pair have a whole lot going on that I would love to read!

Topic: Revenge by C A Harms

Date: 25/12/2020

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