Castle of Kings

by Betty Shreffler

There are books that draw my attention, that the blurb speaks to me and that I get an itchy palm just at the thought of reading it, this certainly piqued my interest it didn’t give me any inclination that it was going to have me almost hyperventilating at the mere thought of putting it down and that was very much the case!

I loved the fact that the author put so much emphasise on the strengths that both Jake and Liz had, she didn’t sugar coat them, she showed them warts and all and all and that made them totally relatable and that gave their situations, both good and bad an honesty that was engaging.

Liz was a strong, independent woman that knew her own mind but also knew when to temper her actions to fit with her surroundings… life as the President’s sister means that there are expectations that she had to keep in mind but that doesn’t mean that now she is back that she is willing to be controlled by it entirely…you go girl!

Jake …OMG, the term alpha male doesn’t do him justice, I think he may defy description to be quite honest!  From the minute he saw Liz, he was interested and he was on a mission to make her his, but he has plenty of obstacles to overcome, the biggest of which is the fact that her brother Nix is less happy about the prospect of him being anywhere near Liz. But his hands are tied when the proverbial s**t hits the fan, he has one man to turn too, the guy he trusts to take care of his sister…physically at least, looking after her heart well that is an entirely different story.

I loved the push and pull that came into play between Jake and Liz, once they were thrown together, the fact that Liz was fighting with herself to keep him at arm’s length, even though he was pulling out all the stops to win her over.

But when everything they have and the past and present all take up arms…can they make it through together or will what they could have remain a distant prospect?

A superb read, with fantastic description and dynamic writing, highly recommended!!!!

Topic: Castle of Kings by Betty Shreffler

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