Slave to Love by Julie A Richman

I’m entirely sure if there is anything that Julie A Richman can’t cover in her works, this is her flexing her literary muscle with glorious results.

Slave to Love is a book that delivers more than you may originally consider possible.

The story initially lived up to everything I thought possible but what a fool I was because in true Richman style once it started to stretch its legs , it blasted my expectations completely out of the water.

This was a beautiful romance, a fabulous love story so to speak but it wore a cloak of mystery with absolute aplomb.

Hale and Sierra were risking more than their hearts when they couldn’t fight the energy that sizzles between them. Can they keep their private life out of the office or are they heading towards being the object of office gossip?

With them both being able to express what they were feeling as they told their story from their alternating points of view, we were left in no doubts as to how the felt about each other as they created themselves a love that truly knew very few limitations.

I liked the fact that Hale was a better man that you would have initially considered, he was completely devoted not only to his career but also to Sierra. There was nothing that could deter him from loving the woman that he was so ready to hand his heart too. I could have read his tale forever he had me completely besotted!

As for Sierra, well she left nothing on the table, she stood her ground and was more than a fitting match for the formidable Hale. She was able to flex her wit and charm and by doing so she made her way under my skin and I could have quite happily taken her to the bar for a drink and spent the evening enchanted by her personality. She knew when to plough ahead with an almost complete disregard because nothing meant more than fighting her corner until her point was clear.

Their path was one that while it wasn’t completely angst filled and addled, it wasn’t a smooth ride, they had their obstacles to overcome and they fought tooth and nail to forge their way ahead…together.

A clever and addictive combination of characters, scenarios and charm from and author that knows her craft and isn’t afraid to show her commitment to social conscience.

Topic: Slave to Love by Julie A Richman

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